MR2 Amplifier and Speaker Installation

Part 1: Infinity Reference 7521a amplifier

The mounting board cut from MDF

Applying carpet
Applying carpet to the board

Amp and crossovers mounted
Amp and crossovers mounted

Plug for speaker cable
Plug for speaker cable. The other end of the cable is fed through to the door alongside the factory wiring loom (not easy!)

Finished installation
Attachment point for amplifier ground cable

Finished installation
Phono, remote and left speaker cables run through this grommet

Finished installation
Right speaker cable runs through this grommet

Finished installation
The finished installation

Part 2: Infinity Kappa 65.7cs speakers

Modified door card
Door card modified to clear speaker

Speaker spacer
24mm MDF spacer ring mounted on door

Installed speaker
Speaker mounted to spacer

Installed tweeter
Tweeter installed in stock location