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MR2 Stuff


Folding mirrors - How to upgrade to electrically folding wing mirrors

In-car camera - How to install a video camera and MPEG4 recorder

Amplifier - My installation of an Infinity amplifier above the spare wheel and new speakers in the doors

Dyno chart (2007) - Rev 2 3SGTE with ATS Racing CT27 turbo and a Dastek Unichip mapped at Engine Advantages

Dyno chart (2014) - Rev 3 3SGTE with KO Racing T3/T4 turbo kit at 1.1 bar

IMOC Garage - More details of my MR2

LS400 Stuff


Loose Heatshields - A cheap fix for loose exhaust heatshields

Lambda Sensors - How to fit new pre-cat lambda (oxygen) sensors

Transmission Mount - How to replace the transmission mount

Trans Am Stuff

Trans Am

Headlight Upgrade - Upgrading from sealed beam to halogen H4 headlights, with new wiring harness and relays


More recent photos are on my Flickr page

MR2 Gala Day 2004

Northants Jap Car Forum meet 11/07/2004

Northants Jap Car Forum meet 13/02/2005

Racing at Snetterton 28/03/2005

Other Stuff

6502 Project - How I designed and built a 6502 based computer with LCD display and IDE hard drive

My LinkedIn profile

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