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Created by Chris Ward
Last update 15/05/2007

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Other Homebrew 6502 Computers:

  • André Fachat's site - Designs for several more advanced 6502-based computers including the Gecko and CS/A65. Also an operating system for these machines (and possibly other 6502 designs) called OS/A65.
  • DIY6502 by Douglas Beattie - A design for a single-board 6502 computer with similar specs to my own, with schematic and wire-wrap layout. You can also got a 6502 cross-assembler for the PC at this site.
  • Harry The Bastard's site - Harry has made a 6502 machine to provide security for his van.
  • Phil Pemberton's site - Phil is another 6502 fan, and is planning on building a 6502 machine soon.

Electronic Component Suppliers:

  • Farnell - Massive range of components, free catalogue on request, good on-line ordering, and free delivery (min. order £10).
  • Maplin - Good range, online ordering, and shops throughout the UK. The catalogue isn't free though.
  • RS - Another big UK-based electronics supplier with on-line ordering.
  • Greenweld - Stock a fairly limited range of standard components (but can be cheaper than Maplin). The main attraction is the surplus items they sell - all sorts of exciting electronic bits at ridiculous prices, e.g. I bought a 60W switch-mode power supply for £3! Unfortuntely these items aren't listed on their site, so you'll have to ask to be put on their mailing list.
  • Bull Electrical - Like Greenweld they have a modest range of standard components but lots of weird/cool/cheap surplus items (they are famous for recently stocking lasers from Chieftain tanks!). Their website is good, with online ordering, and they also have an auction site.

Semiconductor Manufacturers:

  • Dallas Semiconductor - Produce reset devices (I use the DS1813) and real-time clocks.
  • Rockwell - Make the 6502, 6522 & 6551, but don't admit this on their web site. They'd rather tell you about their modem chipsets.
  • ST Microelectronics - The new name for SGS-Thomson. They make the M28C64C EEPROM which I have been using.

Other Useful Places: