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Created by Chris Ward
Last update 15/05/2007

Parts List

Note that this is a provisional parts list. As the computer is still a 'work-in-progress' project, this is just a list of what I see on my circuit boards at this moment in time.

Part Quantity Comment
R6502AP 1 Note the suffix 'AP' - this is the 2MHz part
R6522AP 2 Note 'AP' again
R6551AP 1 Note 'AP' again
MAX232CPE 1 I should have got the 233, which needs no external capacitors
74LS00 2
74LS04 1
74LS138 1
74LS154 1
74LS245 1
HY62256ALP-10 1 Other flavours of 62256 should work
1 There are other varieties of 2864, but you want one with a Ready/Busy pin
2MHz crystal 1
1.8432MHz crystal oscillator module (TTL output) 1
DS1813-10 1 EconoReset IC from Dallas Semiconductor
1uF electrolytic cap. 5 For the MAX232CPE
47nF polyester cap. 1
0.1uF ceramic cap. 8 Decoupling capcitors
1k res. 2
3k3 res. 3
10k linear pot/preset 1 Contrast control for the LCD display
150R res. 1 Series resistor for power LED (see below). Adjust as necessary
3mm blue LED 1 Blue LEDs are expensive, but cool.
Kodenshi PIC26043SM 1 Infra red receiver
Single pole pushbutton 1 The reset button
14-pin IC skt 3
16-pin IC skt 2
20-pin IC skt 1
24-pin IC skt 1
28-pin IC skt 3 One of these should be a ZIF socket (for the EEPROM)
40-pin IC skt 3
2-way PCB plug + socket 6 + 6
3-way PCB plug + socket 4 + 4
5-way PCB plug + socket 1 + 1
6-way PCB plug + socket 3 + 3
8-way PCB plug + socket 3 + 3
10-way PCB plug + socket 2 + 2
12-way PCB plug + socket 2 + 2
9-way D male 1 For the RS232 port