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Created by Chris Ward
Last update 15/05/2007


Here are a few photos I've taken while working on the 6502 project. Sorry about the poor quality - if anyone wants to donate a digital camera, they're welcome :-)

1. This is a photo of the 6502 system with the boards mounted in the rack case but the controls and connectors net yet attached to the panels.

2. This is the EEPROM programmer.

3. The completed case. On the front panel you can see: blue power LED, power switch, reset switch, LCD contrast control, 40x1 LCD display, IR sensor, keypad. Click for a bigger version of the picture.

4. Inside the finished case. On the back panel is a 12V 60mm fan, power connector and serial port. A Seagate 2.5" 120MB IDE hard drive is mounted vertically at the front left of the case. Click for a bigger version of the picture.